We Have 1 Job: TRACK YOUR CLICKS.  PS: We do it AWESOME.

Lots of other trackers are bloated, slow, and use outdated techniques.  We have a small feature set, but the stuff we do, we do AWESOME.  Not only that – we are totally community driven, you make a suggestion for a new feature, and if it makes sense, we build it!

Get your clicks tracked.

Our primary job is to track your clicks, to make sure you’re not getting screwed by your traffic supplier, and that you’re getting the best value for money.  We make sure every click is accounted for (even dropped clicks), you won’t see any “discrepancies” here.

Create Unlimited Rotators

Are you a solo ad seller or running traffic to multiple offers?  You can rotate your clicks however you like, with 100% accountability.

Full Statistics

Check your clicks performance in real time with our easy to understand statistics package.  You can even share this with others without them having to login.


Bot and Fraud Detection

With our advanced bot and fraud detection, we’ll make sure that any bots and click fraud are filtered (and show you full accountability of this).

Analyze Traffic Data

Use our full click tracking and 100% transparent stats and logs to analyze your data in full.  If you don’t see a stat you need, suggest it, and we’ll make it, we are 100% community driven.

The number one problem in the tracking industry is the loss of clicks.  Maybe 5% may not matter for a couple of hundred clicks, but over the course of thousands or even millions of clicks it really adds up.

We make sure that even dropped clicks are accounted for, they don’t just mysteriously vanish…

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

If you’re a solo ad or traffic sales business, you can provide your customers with 100% assurance that your traffic is clean, legit, and only the best clicks are reaching their offers.  Share full stats pages with your customers without them needing a tracker account.

Monetize your dropped clicks! (COMING SOON)

It’s just a fact of the internet that some clicks will get dropped, or your site will be slow occasionally, or you might experience downtime…

There’s nothing worse than LOSING MONEY – and is there anything better than MAKING MONEY FOR FREE?  With our revolutionary ClickGenius, we will work our magic, and make sure that your clicks are monetized if for any reason they can’t be delivered to your link.

The way it works is, our thousands of magic click tracking pixies take a look at your click on the way through, make sure your offer is up and fast, and if so, deliver your click, if it isn’t, we first try your backup, and then if all else fails, we redirect that click to a partner offer (and pay you for it).

The best thing about us redirecting it to our partner offer is that we are 100% transparent (we will report that on your stats), and we will give you TrackerCredits, that you can redeem dollar for dollar for awesome Traffic right from within TheClickTracker (instantly).

200 Click Package

Trade your 200 TrackerCredits for 200 real (awesome) clicks!

500 Click Package

Trade your 500 TrackerCredits for 500 real (awesome) clicks!

1000 Click Package

Trade your 1000 TrackerCredits for 1000 real (awesome) clicks!

Online marketing is one giant nightmare, but it’s ok, we’re here.

We have cut out all the crap you don’t need as part of our journey to be the simplest a first ever community driven traffic tracker, all for just $25 per 6 months!

This may seem too good to be true!  (and maybe it is), but the only thing we ask in return for providing this software for such a low price is that you help us make this the best tracking system in the business by providing us with specific features you need.

Let us know what you need to be successful, and we'll build it into this system.

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